I am a WordPress Developer, specialising in custom themes, based in Berlin.
With over 10 years of experience in Front-End Web Development, I can help you to get started with setting up your website. My focus lays on WordPress. Get in touch!


Many people still believe that WordPress is simply a blogging tool, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. With WordPress as a Content Management System you can create uniquely designed themes for your clients built for their specific requirements. And websites which are super easy to use and edit!

I love to code WordPress themes from scratch and be also involved in the planning and design process, so whether you have already your design or just an idea, I am looking forward to hear from you and help you setting up your new website.

Oh yes, and I have a big interest in web accessibility and creating websites that are as inclusive as possible.


  • Consulting
  • Custom & Responsive Design
  • (if necessary in collaboration with a designer)
  • Custom Development
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Focus on Accessibility

Let's keep it simple:You hand me over your design or we work it out together, and then I will turn your design into a pixel-perfect, custom, responsive WordPress theme which will be tested across all popular browsers and devices. Happy to be part post-launch in any further support and maintenance.

If needed, I can offer general support in the Hosting Setup, Domain Registration, Email Setup, SSl Setup and first SEO Optimisation.


Please check out some references on my LinkedIn profile.

Also happy to send you some examples of projects I worked on.

Or let's just meet for a coffee and a chat.